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Our philosophy

At Beetroot Academy, we do things in our own unique way. Our culture defines how we work and with whom we cooperate. This approach can be defined by a certain set of values and models that help us navigate in pursuit of our evolutionary purpose.

Educational approach

Blended Learning

All students get access to our Learning Management System, a product we developed to make your education easier and more efficient. You will be able to watch lessons, complete assignments and upload your homework. LMS will become one of your most important instruments during your stay with us.


Flipped Classroom

Watch theory lessons at home in LMS system and work in classs on real projects with your teacher and classmates. That way you will not only achieve the needed results faster, but immerse yourself in similar situations to what people experience in real IT companies.

Adult to adult communication

There is no adult to child communication as we got used to it in schools and universities at Beetroot Academy. Teacher is your mentor and treats you as a colleague, while you should treat everyone in your group equally. Educational paradigm is changing, and we always strive to be the early adopters.


Business Model

What makes us different at Beetroot Academy is that we don't measure our success in terms of profit alone, but we count our social impact as a key indicator of our results. We use business methods to address social problems in an innovative way. Our ultimate goal is to make a measurable impact on socio-economic development by helping people build careers in IT.


We don't believe that all IT sectors should be concentrated in one place. Just as we don't believe that every organization should have a headquarters from where the management team controls all resources. One of our goals is to help decentralize the worlds IT hubs, just as we are decentralizing our own teams. Trust us, it does work!


Organizational Values

Trust and Responsibility

We have immeasurable compassion and trust for each other. We believe that we will do our best to do good, and the people around us will do the same. With trust comes responsibility. We take responsibility for ourselves, our work and our environment. We are responsible for keeping our values and our social mission as guiding principles.



Transparency means two things. Firstly, it’s about the organization and your colleagues. A lack of transparency can be an impediment for you or others to do your job well. Transparency and openness helps us decentralize and navigate towards the same goal. Secondly, it’s about being straightforward with each other; being transparent with feedback and ideas.


Without it, our energy, life situation and the world around us will perish. Sustainability is about how we treat ourselves, and how we treat Beetroot Academy: not accepting situations that would lead us to collapse or that otherwise cause long-term harm. It’s also about how we treat our relationships and the world we live in.