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2 months

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22 June 2020

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Do you program in JavaScript and want to become a full-stack developer? It's time to learn Node.js – a software platform which will improve your skills. You will can to create all types of JavaScript applications outside the browser. Also, you will learn how to use the advantages of asynchrony outside the browser.

In this course, we will teach you to work with modules. We will explain how to create requests to NoSQL, in particular, the MongoDB database, both directly and using ORM Mongoose. You will work with Node.js on the server side and with React libraries to create user interfaces on the client side. As a result, you will develop a scalable application on a remote server.


  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript 
  • Knowledge of React for the test project

Why Node.js?

  • Node.js has a lot of libraries with an open source. You don\'t need to build everything from scratch 
  • Node.js works asynchronously, so it allocates resources appropriately 
  • Node.js is used by Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and PayPal

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  • Node.js

    28 h 8 topics
    • Introduction to Node.js. The Parallel Event Loop Model
    • Core Node.js. The File System
    • Built-in Modules. Node Package Manager (NPM)
    • Events in Node.js
    • Asynchronous programming. Streams in Node.js
    • HTTP Requests
    • Introduction to Express framework
    • Working with MongoDB database
  • Project "Virtual Software Company Workers Portfolio" - RESTFul Api backend

    16 h 1 topic
    • Project "Employee portfolio of a virtual software company" — server side
  • Creating a Server side rendering React application

    20 h 1 topic
    • Creating an SSR React app using the Next.js framework

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Course content


Total hours

64 h

Total hours

64 h


During lessons, you’ll solve real-life cases with your teacher. You’ll work individually or in groups together with your colleagues.

Class schedule

  • Monday

    18:00 - 20:00

  • Wednesday

    09:00 - 11:00

Course author


Node.JS Course Author

IT is constantly moving towards new knowledge and technologies in the search for an optimal solution. I work on projects systematically, but in teaching I need creativity. I do not allow any fooling around at my lessons, but it's always good to add a bit of humor and ask questions. I praise my students for the right decisions, and mistakes help them learn. I love the saying that small strokes fell great oaks.


Astrit Zeqiri

Node.js Teacher

I am a back-end developer with a strong expertise in PHP Laravel, NodeJS, and other Javascript frameworks. I love solving critical tasks in different projects and I always seek in learning different challenging tech solutions. I worked on complex features for which is one of the largest debt collection agencies in the Nordic countries. I am excited to be teaching about NodeJS, and I look forward to a successful learning process!

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